Free Printable Large and Small Apple Outlines

free printable apple templates for crafts


Free Printable Large and Small Apple Outlines for Crafts


Back to school and fall are a great time to do some apple crafts. Use these free printable large and small apple outlines for a fun fall craft. Whether you want to use them for party decorations or crafting with kids there are plenty of apples to pick for your crafting needs. Below I will give you tons of ideas for ways to use the adorable free apple template to make some fun art projects with kids.

If you and your kids are going apple picking this is a fun craft template to use for an activity to get kids excited about apple picking. The apples are also fun for a first week of school craft for classroom use and to decorate a school bulletin board. The free printable apple templates can be used in many ways for kids of all ages. Make a fun apple theme week of crafts or for older kids an apple unit study. There are so many apple activities for kids of all ages.


3 Different Apple Templates


Small Apple Templates


The small apple printable template can be used in a variety of way. This template comes with 9 apples on one sheet. It is great for a project where you need a bunch of apples or a bushel of apples! Use the small template for counting activities or color matching with young kids. They also work great for party decorations and cupcake toppers. The template can be printed directly on 8.5×11 red or green cardstock paper. The small apples also can be printed on white cardstock paper, then, colored in or painted.

CLICK HERE for the small apple template

small apple printable outline for crafts


Medium Apple Template


The medium sheet of apples comes with 4 apples. This is a great size for crafting with a group of kids. It is big enough to add decorations to but not too big where you will need to print up too many sheets of paper. Print up these apples and cut out the apple shapes. A few ways to use them include tissue paper, color them in, paint the apples, and add googly eyes.

CLICK HERE for the medium apple template

medium apple template printable for crafts


Large Apple Template


Sometimes you need a small apple and other times you need a large one. I love this template for crafting with young kids. This size is great for painting and gluing crafts. I used a thick outline to help kids with staying in the lines and to make it easier to cut out. This large apple can also just be used as a simple coloring page. Use crayons, markers, or colored pencils to color in this cute apple for a super simple craft.

CLICK HERE for the large apple template

large apple template printable for crafts


Simple Apple Crafts and Activities


Apple Art Stamps


This fun and easy painting activity is so fun for kids. It is great for young kids who have a harder time with small paint brushes. I would use the large or medium apple templates. Paint directly on the printed out sheet. Just cut real apples in half. Dip the apple in paint and stamp the apple on the apple templates. It is double apple fun apples on apples! Then keep on stamping until the apple is filled in. Add some googly eyes and a mouth once the paint is dry. I’m always a fan of googly eyes. This craft works on fine motor skills.


Apple Sun Catcher


For this craft you will need to print out the apple template. The medium size is great for sun catchers. Cut out the center of the apple leaving the outline. Make the outline bigger if you want by coloring black marker extending the outline. Add Clear tape to the back of the outline. take small pieces of tissue paper and stick them on the tape. Then cover the top with tape facing down covering the entire template with strips of tape. Some people use contact paper for sun catchers and that is another option.


Apple Tissue Paper Craft 


Use the large template and kids can add glue to the top of the template. Just squeeze it on or use a paint brush. Then add small pieces of red or green tissue paper on top of the glue. You can make apples with different colors of tissue paper or just red apples. I let my kids choose how they want to make them. This is a great activity with young children.


Apple Tree Craft 


Draw an apple tree and add small paper apples to the tree with glue. Use the small apple template for this craft. I also have a tree without leaves template just paint or draw green leaves on then add the apples on top. This can also be used as a counting activity for math. Use pom poms on the apples to count and have kids pick them up with tongs for extra fine motor skill fun.


Coloring Sheets 


Use the templates for just a simple apple coloring pages and decorate apples. This is probably the easiest way to use the templates. Just color them in with crayons, colored pencils, or markers.


Apple Playdough Mat


Put the printed out apple template in a sheet protector or tapes under parchment paper. This makes for easy playdough mats. Such a fun activity and kids love playing with playdough


Apple Crown


Take two to three inch thick strips of paper. Color or paint in apples from the templates. Then glue them on to the strips of paper. Measure around a kids head to see how long the paper needs to be then tape the sheets together to fit kids heads like a crown.




Pdf file for personal use, non-commercial use grab your free apple printables below.

White paper or white cardstock paper

Red craft paper

Glue or glue stick


I hope you will have fun with the printable outlines making an easy apple craft. These apples are so fun for apple-themed activities with kids. Perfect for school time or at home with kids. The templates can be used to make something for teacher appreciation day or during the harvest seasons.

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