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Witches Cauldron Printable


Let’s get witchy! It’s almost Halloween time and that means time to get in the Halloween spirit. This simple witches cauldron printable is a great templates to use for kids crafts, coloring page, or decorations.

This witches cauldron is great for young kids to use for easy crafts. Use it for kids at home, for classroom use, and a party activity.

The witch cauldron template is perfect for crafting with kids and making a fun witch’s brew. Just download the free printable templates and get crafting.


Witches Cauldron Templates


There are a few different designs and sizes to choose from of the witches cauldron. I made them a blank slate to use for different witch crafts.

First is the large template for a simple cauldron outline without any bubbles. This one can be used for decorating, coloring, or crafting. You can create your own bubbles with paint or color them in or leave it without bubbles.

CLICK HERE for the large cauldron.

large witches cauldron

Then there is a a medium size cauldron outline. This size is great for crafts with a group of kids. Having two on a page means less pages to print out. Plus, the size is still great for young kids to work on.

CLICK HERE for the medium cauldron size.


medium cauldron template

I will give some ides below of cauldron crafts to make with kids for cute and spooky fun!



Witches Cauldron Coloring Page


Coloring pages are great to use for an easy activity with kids. It is a fun and relaxing activity. They are also fun for a kids party favor. Use the version with bubbles or without bubbles. You can color in fun things inside of the cauldron or draw a witch behind it.

Simply download the digital file or digital files, print out the file, and start coloring. For coloring just print it out on printer paper. Color the cauldron in with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.


Witch Cauldron Crafts


Now for some fun painting ideas! First you can paint fun bubbles by dipping then end of a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll in paint. For a witchy look I would use green or purple for the bubbles. Then press the toilet paper roll on top of the cauldron multiple times to make bubbles.

Cotton ball bubble craft. Glue cotton balls on to the template above the free printable witches cauldron. Then either paint the cotton balls or take a dropper and drop colored water on top. This is a fun activity for the young kids.

Witch Cauldron Cut and Paste Craft. Use the outline to trace on black paper. Then fill it with cute stickers or green tissue paper.

I hope you have fun crafting with the witches!


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Hi I'm Val! I love making simple crafts with my kids using free printable templates. Come craft with us!

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