Free Printable Peppermint Candy Template

free printable templates for peppermints and candy canes

Printable Peppermint Candy Template


It is the holiday season and that means time for some fun peppermint candies! They are super cute to use for decorations, such as the little peppermints in a vase with a candle. Plus, adorable for peppermint crafts. Use any of these peppermint candy templates and even a candy cane template!

These candy templates can be used for crafts, party decorations, home decor to decorate the whole house, decorate the Christmas tree, and coloring pages. Use them in a classroom to decorate a bulletin board or under clear plates for a table setting.

To use the templates simply download the free printable pdf file or files of your choice, print the file, and start crafting. Click on the CLICK HERE button above the photo of the template you want to download. Make sure to have a pdf reader for the file. These printables are for personal use, not commercial use, but they can be printed out multiple times.

At the end of this post I will give a few ideas for fun ways to use these templates.

Peppermint Candy Templates


First is a peppermint candy with straight lines. Some have swirls and some just straight white stripes and red stripes. There is a coloring version and a red version of this template.One with black outline and other just filled in red. Pick the one that is right for you and your Christmas project.

CLICK HERE for coloring version of the peppermint candy.

peppermint outline free printable

CLICK HERE for the red colored in version with black outline.

free printable peppermint outline with color

CLICK HERE for the red and white colored in version.

free printable peppermint outline with red color


Next is a swirly peppermint candy template. This one is super cute for decorations and crafts. The swirl pattern comes in two different colors, red and green. Of course they have to be Christmas colors!

CLICK HERE for the swirl peppermint in red.

free printable peppermint swirled in red


CLICK HERE for the green version.

free printable peppermint swirled in green


The next swirl peppermint is a black and white coloring version. This one is great for a coloring sheet. This template is also great to use for a paper plate craft. You can cut out every other section and use red paint to for a fun craft.

CLICK HERE for the black and white peppermint.

free printable peppermint swirled in black and white for coloring


This smaller size of peppermints is great to use for a peppermint gift tag. It would also be cute to add to a gingerbread house or man craft. The different sizes can also be used together for decorations.

CLICK HERE for the smaller free peppermint template.

free printable peppermint swirled small


Next is a candy cane! This candy cane comes in black and white as well as red and white. The white candy canes with the outline can be used for a variety of crafts and candy cane coloring pages.

CLICK HERE for the white version.

free printable candy cane template black and white

CLICK HERE for the red version.

free printable candy cane template red and white

CLICK HERE for the small candy cane template.

free printable candy cane template small



Christmas Activities with Peppermint Templates


Paper plate peppermints


This is a fun and easy craft for kids or adults to use for decorations. Print out the template, cut out the peppermint shapes they can be glued directly on to the paper plates. Then kids can add additional decorations such as glitter, pipe cleaners, or pom poms.


Peppermint painting


Cut out every other section of the peppermint using the blank black template. Tape the peppermint outline on to a canvas. For kids projects I use dollar store canvas. Then they can paint around the outline. When done with the outside paint in the peppermint sections with red or green paint.


Peppermint tissue paper craft


Tissue paper is so easy to use for crafting. For this craft all you need is tissue paper, glue, and scissors. Cut the tissue paper into small squares. Kids can add glue to the template. Then place small pieces of tissue paper on top of the glue. This is a great activity for small kids to work on fine motor skills.


Peppermint yard decor


To make some fun peppermint Christmas decorations for the yard you will need the templates, ribbon, glue, scissors, large white paper plates, and cellophane. You can also glue the peppermint template on cardboard. Cut out the template, glue it on to a paper plate that is facing down. you can cover it with mod podge for some shine. Then take a large piece of cellophane place it flat on a table. Put the paper plate facing down in the middle of the cellophane.


Cardboard box gingerbread house


This is a fun craft for kids to make and you can use any boxes you have from delivery. Have kids use their imagination to decorate a cardboard gingerbread house. This can be done with templates, colorful paper, or even paint. The large peppermints and candy cane templates would work great for decorating a gingerbread house!


Peppermint photo craft


Use the peppermint as a photo frame and put a kids picture in the middle. This is a cute gift for family members from kids. You can wrap it in cellophane like the craft project or put it in a round frame.


Candy cane stencil


The candy cane outlines and peppermints also work well for a simple stencil and tracing.


I hope you have lots of fun with these templates for the holiday season. Feel free to use them for a variety of purposes and print out the template multiple times. They are great for kids crafts and decorations. I love easy and free decoration ideas! Candy canes paper and real are also great for a Christmas party theme. Get creative and have some fun this Christmas time!


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