Pretty easy butterfly bagels

Butterfly Bagels

Butterfly bagels

My daughter is a bagel addict. She could completely live off of bagels if I let her. After a while I get bored with just a plain old bagel and cream cheese. She also really likes butterflies. We are moving soon and she might have an all butterfly room! I’m a little nervous to over do the butterflies in case she changes her mind but I don’t think butterflies can go out of style. I made these cute butterfly bagels for her as a snack and she loved them! Add sprinkles to anything and she will love them. It may not be something to have every day but for a fun creative snack or a spring party butterfly bagels are a cute way to dress up plain bagels. Plus, they are incredibly easy to put together. You don’t have to have sprinkles, you could add cute cut out fresh fruit too. I tried to do that with my daughter but she wanted her fruit on the side and had the butterflies pretend to eat the fruit. However she has the fruit I am happy with as long as she eats it too. I think ┬áthese bagels would be adorable for a brunch with kids and adults. Who knows the adults might like them even more than the kids! read more

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