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Brunch Printables- but first, coffee and mimosa me printables - Val Event Gal

My brunch week on the blog is coming to an end :(. If you missed my other brunch posts you can see my bacon flowers here and bacon and eggs banner here I just had to make some brunch printables to go with the brunch fun. I would not survive without coffee! I really do not know how some people just don’t drink coffee. That is why I needed the but first, coffee printable. I love a good coffee bar and I will give you a few ideas of what you need for the ultimate brunch coffee bar! I also am a fan of mimosas. I love mimosas because they always make brunch feel like a celebration! My mimosa me printable is perfect for a mimosa bar. In the morning there aren’t a lot of words in my vocabulary so mimosa me should get the job done! I really like any kind of bar taco bar, mimosa bar, coffee bar,waffle bar, ice cream bar and bar bar. Bars are the best for parties because you can set them up to look all pretty and people get to choose the way they like their food and drinks. It can be hard to cater to everyone’s taste when you are hosting a party. I say let them decide how they want things. read more

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