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In my house we are getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day! Since my daughter and I are big arts and crafts fans I plan a few crafty activities to go with every holiday. I decide it would be fun to “grow” a rainbow. Keira and I planted the “seed” before she went to school and when she came back the rainbow had grown. She was really so excited to see that her rainbow had grown. A few times we have tried to grow little flowers and plants in pots but never successfully. I always forget to water the plants and Keira expects them to grow in a day. I can’t even keep a cactus alive, I know its pathetic. I love flowers but I can’t be trusted with them. So I will stick to “growing” rainbows and fake plants.

To grow a rainbow you need an itty bitty small flower pot, pipe cleaners in a variety of colors, a green M&M or any green candy for the seed, dirt or brown sugar for dirt and white tissue paper(optional).

IMG_2718 IMG_2719 IMG_2720

First you plant the seed :).

IMG_2723 IMG_2754 IMG_2756

Take the pipe cleaners, line them up, twist one end together then bend them in an arch and twist the other end.

IMG_2745 IMG_2746

Then you put the rainbow in your pot and I put a little white tissue paper in the bottom to stabilize it but it’s probably not necessary. There you go, you’ve grown a rainbow! This was beyond easy and Keira loves her rainbow. You can have it grow overnight or even during nap time. It’s an easy way to get the little ones excited for St. Patrick’s Day. This week my blog is all about St. Patrick’s Day so come back and join me for some festive fun! Wednesday I will have a recipe for Irish mommy juice 😉 and Thursday we are throwing a miniature party for a tiny leprechaun. It’s about to get real Irish up in here!

Grow A Rainbow Kids Craft


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