Ice Cream Cone Balloons

Ice Cream Cone Balloons - Val Event GalI scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream cone balloons! This month is Ice Cream Month and Sunday was National Ice Cream Day. I thought that was cause for a celebration and this entire week is ice cream week on my blog, woohoo! You can check out my other ice cream posts for Pizookie Pops:¬† and Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches:¬† I am having a lot of fun with ice cream and celebrating this national holiday to the fullest. I wonder who gets to determine what day is ice cream day and all the other fun made up days. That sounds like an amazing job, where can I sign up?! My daughter likes to decide when it’s ice cream day too. She will wake up and say today is ice cream day, I want ice cream. Then I will say it is 6 in the morning and I am pretty sure it is banana day that’s what my calendar says. Then we go back and forth finally settling on Cheerios. This is a common occurrence in my house. She is persistent, I will give her that and she knows it’s best to ask before I have had my coffee. Needless to say she has loved all of the ice cream fun we have been having this week. I am on her good side for now.

These fun ice cream balloons are great for ice cream parties! Easy to make but they look so cute. You can tape them to the wall or make them with helium balloons, either way works.

What you need:

pastel paper in a variety of colors

pink balloons


clear tape

gold glitter glue


Optional: If you want to add to the cone look use glitter glue to form a checkered pattern. Draw all of the horizontal lines in rows about 1 inch apart starting from the top. Then the vertical lines. Wait for the glue to dry.

IMG_5397 IMG_5398 IMG_5402 IMG_5405

Take a piece of yellow paper. Fold the top left corner down toward the bottom right forming a triangle. Cut off the extra strip of paper. Put the paper with a point up in a diamond shape. Lift up the left side and put a few pieces of tape from the middle down to the bottom along the edge. Use double sided tape or make sure the tape is wrapped around so it is sticky on both sides. Wrap the paper from the middle towards the right while holding the bottom part to form a pointed cone. Then take the right side and put a couple pieces of tape on the middle point on the side facing up and wrap it towards the left side.

IMG_5421 IMG_5422

Blow up the balloon so it will fit in the cone. Tape the balloon to the cone in the back and on the sides. If the balloon is blown up with helium cut off the bottom of the cone and slide it onto the ribbon. Then tape it to the balloon.

IMG_5409 IMG_5410 IMG_5412 IMG_5414

Now the sprinkles, my favorite part! Get pastel paper in a few different colors of your liking. Cut a strip of paper about an inch thick. Then cut that strip into pieces about 2 inches long. Glue or tape with double sided tape those pieces onto the top and front of the balloons.

Ice Cream Cone Balloons for ice cream party Balloon Ice Cream Cone Ice Cream Party Balloon with sprinkles

There you go cute ice cream balloons!

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