Beauty and the Beast Inspired Rose Centerpieces

One of the most memorable parts of Beauty and the Beast is the rose under the glass. It also makes for such a pretty party decoration. When I was a kid and I went to Disneyland I picked out a little glass Beauty and the Beast rose as my souvenir. That is how much I love it! I was recently looking for that souvenir but I guess it got lost with my moves since childhood. I did find a couple Beauty and the Beast glass figures from Disneyland that my mom had held on to. She’s better at keeping things in one piece than I am. These decorations are fun to make just because, for parties, or Beauty and the Beast inspired tea parties. I used just a few dollar store materials to make these. Anyone can make these Beauty and The Beast centerpieces inspired by the movie.

What you need to make them:

fake red roses from a dollar store

plastic or glass tumblers I also got these at a dollar store

hot glue

clear or paper plates for the base

  1. Take the cup and flip it upside down. Trace around the cup with a pencil or pen.
  2. Cut out along the traced circle.
  3. Cut the fake flowers off of the bunch. Make sure they are short enough to fit into the glass without being smooshed.
  4. Squeeze a pea sized amount of hot glue onto the plate.
  5. Put a fake flower on top of the glue standing upright.
  6. Add more glue around the base of the flower.
  7. Keep holding the flower up until the glue dries. This should only take a minute.
  8. Glue on extra fake flower petals around the bottom of the flower. 
  9. Add glue along the edge of the plate.
  10. Flip the plate over and put it into the cup lining up the cup edge and the plate edge. Then press it firmly together.

Then you are done. You can make centerpieces for few tables for under $5 if you get all the materials from a dollar store.

Rose DIY Centerpiece Inspired By Beauty and The Beast Beauty and The Beast Inspired Centerpiece Rose Beauty and The Beast Inspired DIY Centerpiece

These are really easy to make and I love how they look for table decorations for parties!

Beauty and the Beast Rose Centerpieces

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